I love good reviews. Some days, a nice review is all that can keep me going through the day. I’ve been blessed with some excellent user reviews at my page. I’ve also received an five-star professional review at the San Francisco Book Review .

But my favorite review so far is from Harriet Goodchild at Heroines of Fantasy. Sometimes, I read a review and say “Did I write that? I really didn’t mean to write that,” or “Huh … I wouldn’t have thought that that was one of the important bits.” Harriet read the book I intended to write. Even the parts of the book she didn’t like too much were the spots that I felt a little dubious about.

2015/01/14: New review today at Self-Publishing Reviews. Feels a little odd to read that I had to¬† ” be extraordinarily deft to put so much violence in a schoolyard setting”. That really wasn’t one of my goals in life. Still, I’ll take the compliment. One of the hardest parts in this book was to keep the reader on the children’s side, no matter how high the conflict escalated.

2015/02/09: Two fresh reviews, first, one from Midwest Book Review , which has graciously given permission for me to copy the whole text:

Everything I Know About Zombies, I Learned in Kindergarten is a dark horror novel, recommended for adult (or possibly older teen) readers due to savage violence. When a zombie apocalypse descended upon nine-year-old Letitia Johnson, she tried to hide from it, along with her little sister and her classmates, locking themselves in a school bathroom. They hid for five days while their teachers and classmates were killed, and the Bronx was evacuated. But they couldn’t hide forever, and with no one left to help and no place left to hide, what can twelve kindergarten students armed with little more than garden stakes do to survive? A daring but cruel novel featuring young black and Hispanic protagonists, Everything I Know About Zombies, I Learned in Kindergarten is knife-edge suspenseful, terrifyingly vicious, and will keep the reader on the edge of their seat to the very end.

The second review of the day is from Anita Lock at Underground Book Reviews, who gives it five stars, saying:

Williams’ plot is filled with everything gory. But then there is this amazing group of children whose tight bond is their only means of survival. Readers are not the only ones who will be dumbfounded by this unsuspected twist within a dystopian setting. Quite often the adults in Williams’ story do a double take when they encounter the survival techniques of the little motley crew. I highly recommend this unique and riveting read!

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